Additional Support

HypnoBirthing Refresher Courses

Are you pregnant again? A HypnoBirthing refresher course will ensure you can again experience a comfortable, calm, and natural childbirth. Your refresher course will be one-to-one so it will be tailored to your needs. We will review what worked in your previous birth as well as going over the main breathing exercises and relaxation techniques again.

We’ll complete a fear release also and we’ll create a practice schedule you can follow.

Contact us today to find out more or to schedule a HypnoBirthing refresher appointment.

Breech Turn

In most pregnancies, the baby naturally turns with their head down, ready for childbirth. If the baby is breeched, however, it will need turned. One of the main causes of a baby being in breech is tension in the mother.

Our breech turn sessions are one-on-one and can be done face-to-face or by Skype. The session involves identifying the fears you have regarding pregnancy, labour, and childbirth. We’ll then show you how to release those fears as well as how to relax.

Book a breech turn session today by calling 021-160-3337.

Fear Release

Fear is a natural response to childbirth. This includes fear of the pain and not knowing what to expect. Becoming a parent can also induce feelings of fear. This type of fear increase tension in your body, however, which can make childbirth more uncomfortable. Our Fear Release sessions address this.

During a fear release session, we will identify your childbirth-related fears and will turn them into positive thoughts. You will also get an action plan you can use to remain positive and empowered up to and during labour.

Fear Release sessions can be in-person or on Skype. Call today to book an appointment on 021-160-3337.

Natural Induction

Most labours begin on their own. When they don’t, or when medical conditions arise, induction is required to get the labour started. This usually involves a medical induction, but there is a natural alternative. A Natural Induction session with us will help you get started naturally.

During the session, we will identify what may be preventing your body from going into labour. We will then teach you techniques to prepare both mentally and physically for childbirth, including techniques to speed up the labour process.

Book a Natural Induction session today. It can be in-person or on Skype – call now on 021-160-3337 to book an appointment.

These sessions are priced on consultation and are not inclusive of the HypnoBirthing course