Eliza Rose Riddell

Born 07.06.2018

Eliza, you had a beautiful entrance into this world. Birthing you was a positive and calm experience. You’ve really proven to me that birthing is the most natural and beautiful thing that a women can experience.

Birthing my first baby (Maya) was a very joyous and emotional moment, but looking back it wasn’t a calm birth and I wanted to change that with you, starting with finding a new midwife. Becki was recommended to me and when I got her number I didn’t want to waste any time as I knew the good midwives get booked up pretty fast. I got in touch straight away and booked my first pre-natal visit. As I got further in my pregnancy, fears from my first birth started to surface. By that stage I’ve heard of Hypnobirthing but didn’t know too much about it. Not long after I came across it Becki mentioned in one of my visits that she is a Hypnobirthing practitioner and had a class starting the following week. That’s when the spark ignited and I started seriously looking into it.

I mentioned the idea to Paul but being the supportive partner that he is, he reassured me that I did really well birthing our first daughter so I dismissed the idea at the time. But I didn’t dismiss it for long as I brought it up again with Becki not long after that and she gave me the book to read. As soon as I started reading it I knew we had to do the classes. By then I was 34 weeks along and luck was on my side as Becki had another 5 session course starting that week! The classes were amazing. Becki was awesome. Paul was ‘converted’ to the idea after the first week (and has since been recommending Hypnobirthing to our friends) and I started for the first time to get excited about having a second birth. I finished work around that time and really focused on listening to my affirmations and Rainbow Relaxation CD daily (with my essential oils burning in the background) and practicing my breathing techniques, knowing I didn’t have much time before Eliza was due.

At 10pm on Wednesday 6 June (due date) I woke up after a nap on the couch with tightening abdominal pains. The pain was very irregular but strong enough that I couldn’t go back to sleep. This was a good time to start putting my surge breathing into practice! The tightening pains must have stopped around 1am as I drifted off to sleep but around 8am everything had started again. The surges slowly got more intense and closer together but I was able to manage each one with the surge breathing technique I’ve learned. I recall this great big fear with each contraction with my first labour but this time it was different. The pain was so much more manageable. We stayed home with essential oils burning until about 10.30am when I was insisting to Paul that we needed to leave for the hospital. The car trip was an experience! Hopping into the back seat and staying on all-fours and the 4 speed bumps on our way out were an additional challenge with each surge but I focused on my breathing as much as I could. We arrived at our birthing suite at North Shore Hospital and Becki arrived soon after at 11am. After a quick check-in and a listen to baby’s heart, Becki went to fill my birthing pool with water. I had a feeling at that stage that Eliza wasn’t far away from being born and I just needed to get into the pool as soon as possible. I hopped in at around 11.15am and after a few more surges it was time to start putting birth breathing into practice. The last stage was definitely the hardest and I hit a bit of a wall. Paul and Becki were great support people. At one stage I asked Becki “what do I do now?!” and she reassured me I’ve got this and to trust my body and keep breathing down. For the next 20 minutes I hung on to Paul’s shoulders with me on all-fours leaning over the side of the pool and focused on everything I have learnt. Positive affirmations I have been listening to every day came flooding in a time of need and I started saying “I can do this” over and over again. Eliza was born at 12.03pm in the pool. She was just beautiful and fully covered in amazing waxy vernix. We waited and cuddled her until the umbilical cord stopped pulsating and Paul cut it eventually. She weighed a healthy 3.36kg and was 56cm tall.

Thank you, Becki. You’ve been amazing from the day I met you. Every woman deserves a beautiful birth like ours!